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Construction & Maintenance

CAM offers highly experienced rail teams to deliver rail construction and maintenance throughout New South Wales.

CAMS Dubbo Railway Work
  • Joint replacement with continuous welded track (CWR)
  • Major Re-Sleepering
  • Turnouts
  • Undercutting
  • Level Crossings
  • Bridge Transom Replacement
  • Track Inspections and Certification
  • Box Culvert and Pipe Installation
  • Reconditioning
  • Re-Railing
  • Drainage Works


  • John Holland CRN CWR
  • John Holland CRN Sleeper Layout
  • ARTC Major Re-Sleepering
  • ARTC Hunter Valley Close Down – Steelworks, Turnouts, Weld Crews and Grinding Crew
  • ARTC Undercutting and Drainage Works
  • ARTC Level Crossing Renewals
  • ARTC Track Reconditioning
  • ARTC Re-Railing
CAMS Dubbo Railway Work