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Services Provided

CAM offers specialised teams of experienced track construction, maintenance and labour hire crews to our client’s project specifications. CAM have the ability to provide whole project completion and part completion on a variety of tasks within the rail industry.

Our skilled force and management team are dedicated to deliver what has been promised – quality results, within time restrictions, safely and within budget.

CAM offer the following services:


CAMS Dubbo Railway Work
  • Heavy Rail and Construction Maintenance
  • Light Rail and Construction Maintenance
  • Turnout Replacement and Construction
  • Labour Hire (minor and major projects)
  • CWR and Welding including Installation of Closures
  • Minor and Major Resleepering
  • Minor and Major Re-Railing
  • Undercutting/Mudhole Removal
  • Level Crossing and Reconditioning
  • Box Culvert and Pipe Installation
  • Routine Track Maintenance
  • Track Inspections and Certifications
  • Machine Operators